Fixters Software 101

You’ve visited and signed up for your free 14-day trial, now let’s talk about Fixters Software. Fixters Software is a web-based software that is powered by Fixters. This is the step-by-step process that takes you through your entire fix and flip or home renovation project. 

Our 8-step, all in one project management system gives you the tools to walk through your project, calculate a budget, and handle contractor bids from your computer or device. 

So why Fixters Software? Fixters Software moves you and your project beyond spreadsheets. We do all the calculations, take you through each step, and get you on your way to your most successful flip yet!



  1. FlipAnalyzer

Fixters guides you through a 10-minute property evaluation using just a few pieces of basic information. Here, you can plug in the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, total square footage, and desired finish level to quickly determine if a property is a GO or NO GO.

  1. QuickScope

The QuickScope tool guides you on a 30-minute on-site walkthrough to evaluate the property more thoroughly, including specific rooms by size. With this deeper dive, you can appraise the property, calculate repair estimates and make informed investment decisions.

  1. ScopeBuilder

Create a detailed scope of work based on individual rooms and specific design elements. Once you’re on-site, 1-2 hours is all you need to calculate our most detailed analysis, which sets the stage for your whole project. ScopeBuilder incorporates precise work projections for contractors, room by room repairs, and specific materials with line-by-line cost details.


  1. Bids / Bid Sheets

We help you manage your labor relationships with bid sheets delivered via email to preferred contractors or contractors provided from HomeAdvisor.  By running a report based on your ScopeBuilder analysis, you can request and confidently evaluate incoming bids with Fixters Software estimates.  When you accept a bid, you can input agreed upon price for each line item and create a meticulously detailed budget and schedule.

  1. Materials

Generate a comprehensive materials list complete with quantities and price guidelines. Additionally, enjoy deals and discounts on materials through Fixters’ partnership with Home Depot. As one of our Affiliates, Home Depot offers coordinated packages of tile, paint, plumbing, and electrical fixtures delivered to your property for no-hassle materials purchasing.

  1. ProjectTracker

Manage your schedule and every transaction, all on the same screen. Our schedule tracker lets you create change orders and resolve action items line-by-line as they’re completed. 

  1. Budgets

Budgets no longer need to be a difficult process to manage. Your budgets are automatically generated and you can view them anytime to see if you are truly on schedule and on budget.

  1. Reports

Generate reports and property evaluations for each project from beginning to end.  Here you’ll find your overall ROI, days on market, days of construction and important data to know where you stand.

If you want a step-by-step process to make your fix and flip properties more successful, then sign up for your free 14-day trial now!

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