2018 Fix and Flip Design Trends: Where to Spend Your Repair Budget

simple design tips for flipping houses

According to Zillow’s Erica Sooter, it’s no surprise that kitchen and bathroom renovations power the largest ROI for fix and flip properties. In order to help you make money on your next house flip, we’ve collected projections for 2018’s biggest home interior trends. Use these to focus your repair dollars on designing spaces that attract your potential buyers.

Kitchen Trends for 2018:

  1. Grey and White Tone Combinations. The days of all white, sterile-feeling kitchens are past. Infuse warmth into the most used space of the home by adding:

  • Oversized grey subway tiles as a backsplash. 
  • Contrasting grey, antique hood next to all white cabinets. Shiny, nickel pendant lighting over an island. 
  • We also see continued use of white countertops laid over medium grey cabinets. The combination of these two colors creates depth and complexity, adding instant character to any kitchen renovation project.
  1. Bold Contrast Colors. This year, flippers are using stronger contrast colors for wall and cabinet finishes. The kitchen island is the most popular place for this trend. To get this look, paint the kitchen island’s drywall or cabinetry a contrasting color to the nearby main cabinets. Major contrast color trends include almost-black, navy blue and bright teal. This update instantly modernizes the look and feel of your space.
  2. Antique Hardware and Appliances. Stainless steel appliances are on their way out. Instead, we are returning to vintage looks that add character to the home. If you come across an original O’Keefe and Merritt Stove from the 1940s, think hard before you remove it from the property. Does it still work? If not, how much would it cost to fix? Will this piece of history appeal to my buyers? Most of the time, there is added value to keeping a character-rich piece in its place.
  3. Mix Modern and Traditional Styles. This trend is tried-and-true. By combining geometric design (Photo to the right by Jones Associates Architects – Discover bathroom design inspiration) with some warm, farmhouse features, you can create interest and complexity. Try this trend in your fix and flip’s kitchen by installing an irregular geometric backsplash, but keeping the antique hardwood floors.

Bathroom Trends 2018:

Large cast iron tub with classic lion paw feet.

  1. Intricate Tile Patterns. Try a herringbone, or a 45 degree, floor-to-ceiling lay in the property’s bathroom. We also see house flippers use penny shaped tiles on bathroom floors and in standing showers to make a small space appear larger and add interesting detail.
  2. Large Bathroom Furniture. Unique vanities, custom mirrors and oversized clawfoot or free standing bathtubs bring luxury to residential bathrooms and add character to a heavily used space.
  3. Black Fixtures. As a modern design staple, hardware can add trendy detail and a feeling of completeness to bathroom vanities, toilets and doors. Try black fixtures against stark white cabinets or tiles for a modern, unique look.

When flipping houses, always keep the sale in mind. Refrain from making design decisions based on your personal taste and style. Instead get in the mindset of your future buyer and safely keep your choices on the borderline of classic and trendy.

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